Top Survey Sites for Making Money Online in India

Top Survey Sites for Making Money Online in India

Top Survey Sites for Making Money in IndiaTop Survey Sites for Making Money in India

The increase of online survey companies in India has made it possible for many of its residents to make money on this particular platform. It is now common to see a number of companies involved in market research setting up survey sites specifically for Indians or opening up already existing sites to Indian members. Some of the sites that offer surveys to Indians and have become quite popular among online users in the country include:

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau was established in 2011 by Internet research Bureau Limited based in the city of New Delhi in India. The survey site is designed to resemble an online community that gives their opinion on various topics by participating in online surveys for a fee. Online users that are interested in doing the survey offered through the site must sign up and log in regularly on the site to access the available ones. Apart from filling out surveys on the site, members can also get remunerated for voting in their various polls and for getting their friends to sign up on the site through referrals. Getting paid on the survey site is usually through PayPal, E-vouchers and free charge cash.

Opinion World India

The site consists of a survey panel run by Survey Sampling International for the benefit of their clients as well as members that participate in their surveys.  Indian users are rewarded with points for giving their opinions and these points can be exchanged for gift vouchers that can be used to get items from FlipKart or even India Plaza. To give their online users a chance to make money apart from surveys, Opinion World also puts together a prize draw on a quarterly basis where the winner receives Rs. 25,000 as prize money.


This survey site is designed as an online panel that consists of panelists such as entrepreneurs, homemakers, retirees, business people, students and teenagers among others. The panelists provide their opinions on a variety of services as well as products of companies in India. Since the panel on the site is quite diverse, the surveys sent through e-mail are usually completed well and members are paid for their participation. If you sign up on IndiaSpeaks, then you should expect payment in terms of gift vouchers from different establishments as well as mobile recharge cards among others. To add onto the payment options is a cash reward of twenty rupees for every referral that signs up on the site.


This site is a survey panel that has been specifically set up for Indians that are interested in getting paid for filling out surveys. To join the panel, you will need register on the site so that you can access the various surveys on offer. Each survey that is completed according to the instruction given on the Viewfruits site attracts payment of between one hundred to five thousand points. These points can be redeemed once they add up to one thousand five hundred, with every five hundred points being equivalent to one dollar. Indian users of the survey site are paid through PayPal.

Star Panel

Established in 2011, Star Panel asks members to sign up on their site using their e-mail addresses which they use to send surveys. The surveys offered through the site cover a variety of interesting topics that include television shows and some of the channels showed in the country as well. In most cases, the e-mail sent to members of Star Panel includes a link that when clicked re-directs users to the survey page. In addition, the e-mail will also have information about the survey length as well as the remuneration attached to it. Finally, payment for surveys done on the site is through movie vouchers or even an e-voucher from local stores.

Valued Opinions

To participate in the surveys given by the ValuedOpinions site, members have to set up a profile and ensure that all the necessary information is provided. The interests indicated on the profiles guide the site on the type of surveys that they should send to members so that they can get the best feedback. Surveys from the site are usually sent through e-mail attract a reward of INR 30 but this can go up to INR 60 depending on the completed survey. As soon as the reward has been credited into a members account, they can redeem it for gift cards from Amazon as well as other partner stores.

Brand Institute

This is the ideal survey site for Indian professionals serving in healthcare as their opinions are always well rewarded on the site. The market research company uses its online platform to send out surveys that aid in giving names to drugs that want to be introduced in the market as well as the development of similar products. Interested members are recruited to the site via Online Global Recruiting which enables them to earn between five and fifteen dollars for surveys that they complete successfully. Payments from the site are often made by check or PayPal depending on an individual’s preference.

Global Test Market

Indian users can also take part in surveys conducted by well known survey sites such as the Global Test Market. The site whose focus is market research works on behalf of different countries around the world seeking opinions on topics such as consumer products, global issues and current events among others. Members on the site get between five to forty points for every completed survey and five points for those that surveys that are unsatisfactory making sure that they do not leave empty handed. For payment, either through check or e-voucher, you have to accumulate at least one thousand points which requires a bit of effort on your part.


This survey site is ranked as one of the best online companies when it comes to collecting samples that are used for market surveys. Members on the site receive a bonus point for logging in and points between one and one hundred for every completed survey. The points are received as soon as the work is done, with each point attracting an equivalent of 1INR. To give their members a chance to win, iPanelOnline also runs a weekly lucky draw that they can participate in as often as they want. When successful, Indian users are paid either through PayPal or electronic gadgets such as laptops, iPods and cameras among others.

Toluna India

Although Toluna has a worldwide presence, it has a panel set up specifically for the Indian market, with new members getting five hundred points just for joining. Even so, members on the site are able to earn reward points for surveys that they complete as well as other actions such as poll creation, referrals and suggesting opinion topics among others. Payments on the site are through redeeming of accumulated points to get partner gift cards, vouchers or even sweepstake tickets. The secret to earning more on Toluna is filling out as many surveys as possible in an accurate manner.

In general, survey sites in India are a good place to make money online as they are quite a number offering good payment to those that choose to participate in their surveys.

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