How to Earn Extra Cash with Refer-a-Friend Survey Panels

How to Earn Extra Cash with Refer-a-Friend Survey Panels

If you are looking for a way to increase your earnings with online surveys, you should take advantage of the refer-a-friend survey panels.With high costs of living, everyone is looking for a way of making extra cash. Taking paid surveys is one of the simple ways to give your opinion and make extra money. These surveys are a good way to complement your earnings. The money accrued at the end of the month can help offset some bills. If you are looking for a way to increase your earning potential, you should take advantage of the refer-a-friend programs offered by many survey sites.

How to get started

To make money from refer-a-friend survey sites, you need to set up an account (s). If this is your first time, it is advisable to sign up with not more than ten sites. This gives you time to learn the ropes and build credibility.

  • When you register with a paid survey site, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email contains a link.
  • You must click on it for your account to be activated. In some sites, you need to confirm your details within a certain period.
  • Once these formalities are completed, you can proceed to the profile section. Here you will be required to fill in certain details. It is important to stick to surveys that are relevant to your interests. Survey categories are wide. Ensure you fill out areas where you have a keen interest. This also ensures that you give quality opinions. It is important to check out the tutorial for extra information. Every site will have a particular way they would like their surveys to be filled out.  The sooner you learn the process, the faster it is for you to make earnings and even make referrals.

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The tricky bit about joining many survey sites is having to remember the passwords and usernames. It is advisable to have a common username across the sites. This makes it much easier for you to remember. Ensure that the survey sites are added to the contacts to avoid them getting junked in the spam folder.

You also need to set up a PayPal account. Most paid sites prefer PayPal because of the ease in making transactions. Once you begin receiving invitations from survey website, ensure you separate them from the rest of your emails. This makes it easier to retrieve them without wasting time.

Here is a list of companies that pay you a referral bonus:

#1 – Cashcrate 

#2  – Paid Viewpoint 

#3 – Swagbucks

#4 – Bankroll Bucks

How paid referrals work

Typically, referral programs will allow members to refer their neighbors, friends, family members or co-workers. This is done through a special invitation. A referral invitation is done through an email. The email is sent to the people that the member wishes to refer. The email contains a click through link that directs the recipient to the registration site or survey homepage. Once the recipient successfully signs up to be a member, a unique link is sent to the member. The link contains the bonus that you have been accredited with for a successful referral.

How much is the bonus amount?

This amount differs from one site to another. Perks include cash bonuses, extra entries, points for merchandise and more. There are certain sites that only offer a one-time bonus for a referral. However, there are those that provide a percentage for every time the person you referred takes a survey. This money can accrue to a large figure especially for members who have made many referrals. You can increase your earnings if you join many paid survey sites and refer a wide network of people. The best thing is that most of these money sites offer survey jobs on an ongoing basis, very few do it for a one-time event. You can keep up with your earnings through referrals by checking the referrals section once you log into your member account.

There are several ways you can maximize your referral earning potential.

Blog about it

One of the best ways to make the best out of your paid referral surveys is to blog about them. You can write several articles about paid surveys or surveys in general. The content should be informative and relevant to the readers. At the bottom of the articles, you can put your referral links. You can also tell you visitor’s ways they can make extra cash by taking surveys. The best strategy is to offer them useful tips. Ensure that you do not make a big fuss about clicking on the links. If the readers find your content useful, they will be moved to click on the links.

Make use of social media

There are myriad of social media sites, and they can all work to your advantage. For starters, you can ask your friends to join these paid surveys. Posting useful content can motivate them to join the paid sites. You can also post a snippet of an article and leave a link that directs your readers to your website. To attract people to your site, you can put up some great quotes. You can also choose to blog about topics that captivate people. The strategy here is to lead people to your website. Here they will find information about the paid survey sites. Articles that highlight the earning potential in figures are a good way to draw people. Most people are looking for ways to earn extra cash. If you offer them ways on how to do this, you will have loyal followers who will increase your earning potential. You can also join networks and social groups where you can learn from other members.

How to stay on top of online surveys

With the internet widely available, anyone can participate in online surveys. This means that you need to stay ahead of the game. For starters, you need to stay updated on the latest and newest topics. It is, therefore, wise to watch the news on a daily basis. This helps to give you insights and informs your opinions during the surveys.

You also need to set aside some time to participate in the surveys. Preferably an hour a day. When joining sites, ensure that you get a good mix of less popular and more popular sites. Generally, the less popular sites tend to pay more. However, they send out fewer surveys per month. This is why you need to have a good balance so as to make the best out of the opportunity.

As you gain experience, you can join more sites. The more answers you give, the money you will earn. It is important to establish a niche that you are good at. For instance, you can join specific industries such as world business. Specialization also helps to increase your knowledge base in a particular field. Specific sites also tend to pay higher for quality surveys. It is important for surveyors to register with quality sites. These one have a better earning potential.

Survey carefully

The internet world is not well regulated, and this has led many to fall prey to scams. Indeed, there are many legitimate survey sites. However, there are also sites out to scam you. It is wise to read independent reviews about a particular site before you join. Legitimate sites do not require your social security number or your credit card details. Sites that have exaggerated earnings are also likely to be scams.


Surveys and referrals provide a great way to boost your earnings, and the information above will come in handy.


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