Online Surveys: Why You Should Use A Second Email Address

Online Surveys: Why You Should Use A Second Email Address

Online Surverys: Why You Should Use a Second Email AddressAnyone who has participated in online surveys will tell you that most companies sends lots of emails.  They are so many, in fact, that you may need an entirely new email address to handle them all.  You don’t want to have to sift through thousands of emails just to get to a personal one do you?  Then you had better use a second email participating on online surveys.

It is important that you do this prior to signing up with any of the survey companies because they will be sending emails to that address from the day you sign on.  Here is how you can manage your emails:

  • Use your new email to sign on to any or all the survey companies you are interested in working for.  If you are using gmail, you are then able to have a filter in place that ensures that all emails sent to this particular email address are sent to their own folder.  You can label the folder “surveys” if you so wish.
  • The set up process is simple.  Just create a folder and label it “Surveys.” You will need to click on “settings”, then on “labels”, and then scroll down until you see, “Create new label” and click on it.  This will allow you to create the Surveys label you want.
  • From there move on to the section labeled “filters.  This is where you will be setting up the filter for all the emails that will be coming to your new email address.  Once you click on “filters’ you want to skip the inbox/ archive and instead select the ‘Surveys’ label.  It is important that you also check the “never send it to spam” box so that your surveys don’t end up getting lost.

Since there will be tons of spam mail in this folder it is important that you use the search function when looking for the surveys you want to participate in.  Search using the name of the survey company so that you can have all the surveys they have sent brought up for your perusal.  Not only will you be able to narrow down your search, but you will also be able to avoid all the spam mail.

If you do not want to go to the extra trouble of creating a second email address that you can use, there is something you can do to ensure that your gmail account still works like the one described above.  By simply adding the plus sign and a different word of your choice you can trick the system.

Let us assume your regular email is [email protected].  Well, you could type use the email [email protected] instead.  Your emails will still go to your original email [email protected].  The trick is to ensure that the plus sign comes after or behind your original email address.  It has to be janedoe+ or it will fail. Once this has been done, you can then follow the steps for creating the filter as described above for that email  [email protected].  Be sure to label your folder surveys so you can easily find them.

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