Which Online Survey Sites Are Really Worth The Time?

Which Online Survey Sites Are Really Worth The Time?

Looking for a legitimate company that will pay you for taking online surveys? These 10 Sites are definitely worth your time and effortEveryone has taken an online survey and many will contend with their necessity. They seem to crop up when you are in rush and often we question their relevance. At least I do. So, are these just useless ploys to collect personal information online and a waste of time?

So, are these just useless ploys to collect personal information online and a waste of time?

Yes and No. Surveys are important to the data collector and we must assume they are of use to the organization that asks us to complete the survey.


Why take a survey for money in the first place?

Surveys are very important to understanding a user, customer, subscriber or any individual preferences in relation to service delivery or related business aspect. They are an integral component to bringing about change and should be completed when you come across them in your email or on a website. You could also earn money taking surveys and make an impact on tomorrow’s products and services.

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Which Online Survey Sites Are Really Worth The Time?

MySurvey:  This is one of those companies that pay people to complete online surveys. This is a great option for designing and passing a survey round given it has a very wide reach. For this reason, it will serve your agenda well if you are considering reaching a wide global audience.

It has been mentioned that in 2014, the company (50+ years old) paid people who completed surveys in excess of $30 million. In addition to cash payouts members of the website receive gift cards, e-certificates, and vouchers. This website remains the top choice in this article given this huge membership – you can be sure your survey will be completed fast and by a loyal following.  On the downside, it will probably cost you though it is more than likely that in doing so you will enjoy their statistical expertise.

MySurvey is open to the following countries:

Springboard America: Just like the above company this is a leading online market research company. While it may not have the features of MySurvey, it does partner with leading brands, products and services across America and the world.

This website allows people to register and complete surveys based on preferences. The members in return receive survey dollars that often can be redeemed for cash or free store gift cards.

Global Test Market: Though it is not as big as the above two survey companies, this is a reliable option to participating data collection and earning something. Once registered on this website, the client will be mailed 5-6 monthly invitations. On completion of each survey, the member receives points that on reaching 1000 you could cash in for $50.

The website allows members to attempt a wide variety of surveys listed and permits them to participate if they qualify. For members who do not qualify you receive 5 points for the attempt. Often people are disqualified based on their location as surveys are region specific.

Global Test Market is open to the following countries:

SurveySavvy: This is another of the many companies online that will allow you to receive cash in exchange for your opinions. The website is ideal based on the fact that the payouts are permitted for sums as low as $1.

The company behind it is reputable having been established 17 years ago. The company has some diversity in means of making a quick buck including taking surveys online and participation behavioral research. The cost for completing survey ranges from $ 1-20 and members can earn from referrals. To get started with Survey Savvy, sign up as a member here…

Vindale Research: If you are interested in taking surveys to earn money then this company is a good place to begin. The payouts are considerably higher with payouts in the region of $5-100 and each survey is more like a product review often including the actual product for free.

While it may not have a new survey every other day it appears a much better way to earn and collect free or cheap stuff.

American Consumer Opinion Panel: Just like the above survey website, there will not be much activity in your inbox with this website either. But each survey pays reasonably well at $4-50 per survey. The website also has the option to withdraw earnings monthly though you will often require undergoing a screening survey before taking the actual survey. The actual survey is quite short and normally should take about 10 minutes.

ZoomPanel: In addition to earning money, many people complete surveys to receive items free or cheaply. This website is great for such options in relation to surveys. Registration is fast and simple and you receive 50 points free just for completing the signing up.

Once registered you will be receiving email invites to participate in surveys that could pay as much as 250 points. Email notifications are quite frequent with 3-4 requests per week. The average survey should take 15 minutes to complete and once you have 1000 points you can cash out using PayPal or using gift cards.

Testspin: If you are into taking surveys for money or anything for that matter the more lucrative options will always be preferable. This site has some juicy surveys with the best paying offering $10 and focus groups where your participation could earn you $30.

Members can expect regular survey invitations but cannot trade in the points for cash but the points are good for gift certificate from several preferred retailers including Amazon.com.

MySoapBox: This website allows members to complete surveys for 25-100 points and each 100 points is worth $1. However accumulated earnings can be redeemed using PayPal, gift cards or a direct deposit.

MindsPay: This is a great website for people looking to earn some money by taking surveys. The site offers you $3 immediately just for signing up. Once done you can fill various surveys that will allow you to earn from 50 cents to $25 per survey. Payouts are made into your account twice each month though you need to have accumulated at least $50 to qualify for withdrawal via direct deposit.

Final Thoughts

If you have a reliable internet connection and like the idea, it is worth the effort. The best survey websites will offer reasonable pay for surveys and easy terms to cash out.

Alternatively, you could become a product tester with the objective of trying and receiving FREE products for cash. Whatever your interest is in these sites it is advisable to join those that will best serve your goals. Feel free to add to the above list in the comments.

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