8 Most Popular Online Survey Myths You Must Deflate

8 Most Popular Online Survey Myths You Must Deflate

8 Most Popular Online Survey Myths You Must DeflatePaid online surveys are a great way to make extra cash. More and more people have now signed up with paid survey sites. Most people are driven by the high costs of living and making money on the side is a welcome idea.

While many people have gone ahead and made a reasonable income from paid surveys, some sites have inflated potential earnings. The internet is not well regulated; this means that anyone can say anything and get away with that.

If you wish to join the numbers of people earning from paid surveys, you need to know the myths from the facts. This helps you to make informed decisions and not have unrealistic expectations. Here are eight online survey myths that you must deflate.

1.    All survey sites are scams

This statement is not all true. Many people shy away from participating from paid surveys because they think that they are all scams. There are many survey sites that are legitimate. In fact, there are more legitimate sites that scams. Online paid surveys continue to enjoy success. This has led to the mushrooming of scam sites.

There are certain things that legitimate sites will not ask you to do. For starters, they will not ask you to pay an upfront fee. Legitimate survey sites are free to join. Instead, they pay for participating in their surveys. They do not demand an upfront membership fee. Credible sites will also not request for sensitive information and very personal details. For instance, they will not ask you for your social security number, or your credit card information. Most sites pay using PayPal and all you need to provide is your PayPal email address. Scam sites are fond of hiding company information and their contact details. A legitimate site will have a clear profile with their contacts and company information clearly displayed. To sieve through legitimate and scams, ensure that you read independent online reviews.

2.    Paid survey sites only hire experienced participants

This could not be further from the truth. Anyone who can express their opinion can qualify for a survey. Experience, therefore, does not hold water. Again, survey questions are generally very broad, and the answers are often based on personal preferences and opinions. Survey panels are always looking for honest and spontaneous answers as these companies try to improve their products and service delivery.

Experienced survey takers also stand a chance to make good money especially when the surveys are technical. Seasoned participants usually have established survey routines. This helps them to maximize their earnings. Survey panels normally have a tracking system for active participants. It is, therefore, good to remain consistent so as to build a good reputation. With time, the survey panels will give you priority and this means higher payouts. Focus groups are also a good way to build credibility. You should not disqualify yourself from participating in online surveys on the basis of experience.

3.    You can easily cheat the system

Many online survey participants assume that their answers are not monitored. This is not true. All the answers are normally reviewed by intelligent software and market researchers. This means that filling out incorrect and dishonest information can easily be detected. There are certain sites that have systems that filter low-quality responses. While paid surveys are a quick way to make extra cash, the answers need to be honest, and well thought out. It is wise to stick to these rules and provide quality answers. This also increases your chances of higher earnings.

4.    You can answer survey question in a few minutes

Many are under the notion that you can provide random answers in a few minutes and make quick money. The truth is that the survey systems are intelligent. Answers need to be carefully thought out. You must also go through the survey question and ensure you understand the response needed. It is ill advised to try and cheat the system. You risk losing your account any the opportunity to make money from that site in future. If you do not have too much time on your hands, you can opt for short surveys. In this case, you can give answers within a few minutes.

5.    Paid surveys are an overnight get rich scheme

While paid surveys provide a great platform to make money, you cannot get rich overnight. It is not advisable to quit your day time job to do surveys. At best, these surveys can help supplement your income. They also provide a way to engage yourself when you have extra time on your hands. Beware of sites that promise you ridiculous earnings; these are scams. To make the best out of the surveys, register with many sites. This helps you gain experience while you earn more. Accrued earnings from different sites can help offset some bills. This is one of the most common myths that needs to be debunked. The internet is full of fake sites promising ridiculous earnings. Reviews can give you a list of trusted sites where you can earn and grow your earnings.

6.   You can get rich just by participating in one paid survey site

As a starting point, you can begin with one Survey Company. However, if you wish to increase your earning potential, you need to cast your net wider. Look out for quality paying sites that can create a regular and constant stream of income. If you stick with one survey company, you limit your earnings potential to just trickles. As a newbie, it is best to first learn the ropes before registering with many companies. In as much as you earn more from joining many sites, you should not compromise on the quality of answers you provide. The system can easily blacklist you or send you fewer survey jobs.

7.    You can simply guess the answers

Most people will attempt to simply guess the answers to the questions. However, the survey systems are smarter than you think. People guess answers especially when registering to qualify for certain focus groups. Most survey sites will have prequalification and prescreening series of questions. These are designed to assess the eligibility of the participant. Higher paying sites will have technical screening questions. It is ill advised to attempt to lie to the systems or lie about your hobbies so as to join a particular focus group. Survey systems have garnering programs that are monitored by human reviewers. They also invest in intelligent software that can detect random and false answers. It is best to participate in groups that are in line with your interests. Guessing and providing misleading information can cost you your account.

8.    All online survey testimonials are true

Sadly, it is possible for companies and sites to craft their own testimonials with the sole purpose of hyping their site. This means that not all testimonials reflected on the survey site are true. To get insider information, it is best to join independent survey forums. Social media sites like Facebook has different groups where people discuss their experiences. These forums also offer insights and tips, especially for new members. To be on the safe side, be on the lookout for independent reviews.

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