5 Reasons You Should Join Swagbacks Survey Panel

5 Reasons You Should Join Swagbacks Survey Panel

5 Reasons You Should Join Swagbacks Survey PanelIf you think that politics is capable of causing so much division in a nation, wait until research panels are mentioned.

Nearly everyone has an independent opinion regarding market research firms in general, or specific companies. Even with  all the noise, people are still making money doing online surveys and participating in paid focus groups.

Before being derailed into discussing the legitimacy or reliability of online focus groups and surveys, a good rule of thumb would be to focus on what has worked before. The fact that you are here implies that you are interested in making money online.

While there is a plethora of online opportunities ranging from data entry to transcription, the research industry offers numerous incredible opportunities to make money online that include product testing, beta testing, focus groups, and more.

The best thing about these opportunities is that you do not have to have any experience to participate. The thing is that you will be doing what you enjoy most when you are not doing anything serious.

How many times have you found yourself drawn into discussions with colleagues at the workplace discussing particular products or services? My guess is as good as yours; many times!

Now imagine that you can get paid for the discussions you make, if only the concerned parties could get useful reports about your opinions. This is what market research firms are doing today. They have come with online techniques that can gather globalized market data regarding different products and services.

Who will not pay for that? Any serious business looking to expand their services will always seek for fresh market opinion to help them strategize on expanding their work.

When it comes to making money from such surveys and focus groups, Swagbucks is one of the most recommended online sites. Below are five reasons why Swagbucks are the bomb!

#1 – Strong Industry Presence 

When you are considering a market research firm to join as a contributor, a good rule of thumb is to find those that have a strong presence in the industry. Just like any other industry, many firms in the market research sector have closed shop due to various reasons. This is why you need a dependable firm that will guarantee steady income opportunities.

Swagbucks has their headquarters in El Segundo, California are a subsidiary brand of one of the leading internet and media firms: Prodege, LLC. The mother company operates compound customer engagement brands.

Due to that, Swagbucks has flourished with multiple opportunities for survey takers and online focus group participants. They are arguably the premier digital rewards as well as performance marketing platform. The firm boosts of more than 20 million registered users who are rewarded through an exclusive loyalty currency for engaging with their partners.

#2 – Member Experience 

All online businesses thrive on the quality of customer experience they offer. Unlike the offline world, customers do not have the opportunity to air out their grievances directly to the concerned parties. Even where that provision is available, they will still air out their misgivings about particular products and services at every corner they can find review sites and forums. While that is detrimental to the concerned service provider, it is still a good thing as it offers prospective customers about the services to expect from a particular brand.

Having said that, signing up with Swagbucks is a straightforward process. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a dime for it. Members have different opportunities to earn including shopping with their favorite retailers. Due to their range of income opportunities, most users prefer signing up with this company.

They also have a proprietary loyalty currency known as the SB. This is usually redeemable for gift cards that are acceptable to hundreds of retailers inclusive of PayPal, Amazon and Walmart.

#3 – Earning Opportunities

While online focus groups pay more than completing surveys, it is unfortunate that such forums can be so limited. The best provider should be able to diversify earning opportunities to keep users engaged all year round. When it comes to diversification of earning opportunities, Swagbucks’ ingenious prospects are comparable to none.

Unlike other market research firms that only offer earning opportunities through completing online surveys and participating in focus group discussions, Swagbucks has more to offer. Members often earn points by watching entertaining videos, shopping at favorite retail stores, answering surveys, finding great deals and searching the web.

When you use Swagbucks’ shop to make your online purchases at their selected stores such as Walmart and Amazon, you will earn one SB for each dollar you spend. When you earn 1 SB, it is similar to earning 1% of cash back. As if that is not enough, members also earn SB for searching the web, watching videos and completing surveys.

#4 – It's Easy and Simple

As a matter of principle, you do not feel like you are working when you are doing something you love most. It is true that for today’s generation, searching the web for various reasons, watching videos and shopping online are some of the things people do every day to pass time.

Swagbucks found a better way to reward you for the time you spend online. Do you know that the sites you visit each day earn money just by your presence? Chances are you have never benefited a dime from the profits you have helped them gain. With this company however, things are different. If you are searching the web using their site, you will earn points that can help you make online purchases. Even watching videos can still pay you for your time, despite the fact that you would have enjoyed doing it.

In essence, members get paid to do the things they normally do online.

#5 – Rewards Program

Swagbucks’ rewards program is so convenient, especially for those who love online shopping. And being in the digital era, everyone should be in love with online shopping for the various lucrative perks it comes with. But that is a debatable issue and a topic for another. The point here is that members can redeem their SB to get gift cards to some of the best retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. If on the other hand, you prefer to have a crispy feel of the dollar, you can also redeem your SB points for cash. How interesting is that?

How To Earn From Swagbucks

Consistency is the most important attribute of getting anything right. If you want to earn a meaningful compensation from these sites, you have to be consistent at doing what they offer. With Swagbucks, the first step begins with completing the signing up process. Once you have become a full member of their programs, consider signing up for the Swagbucks accelerator. When you sign up for the accelerator program, you will be earning an additional $5 a month from the usual $.01.

The next important thing to do is enabling the Daily Goal feature. This is a goal that Swagbucks gives to their users each day. Each time you hit a target, you earn a bonus and are given new targets each day. If you continue hitting your goals each day, you continue accumulating points. You can also consider earning passively from Swagbucks through their Watch and SBTV.

All you have to do is open a new tab and click on one of the videos. If you are not interested in it, turn off the volume and allow it to play to the end as you work on something else. Once that is done, click on another video and repeat the above process.

In no time, you will be smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to Swagbucks.


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